This is the sister site to Wannabefob.wordpress.com. The purpose of this blog is to post videos & pictures (98% pictures) of my current additions. Consider this more of a photo spamming site instead of a blogging one. In order to make Wannabefob cleaner, I’ll be putting all the eye candy here (;

Even if I’m not watching the latest drama, I may still post pictures for any fans out there. The pictures I choose to post will be to my discretion so I might post many pictures of actors and actresses that I like while posting little to no pictures of actors that I don’t really like.

Why is this blog called Areyounice? It’s a pun on my real name (which I will not reveal). Yeah, I know, Wannabefob and Areyounice are kind of strange names for drama blogs…yet it’s what makes us unique and cool.

DISCLAIMER: All of the pictures posted here are from either the official drama websites or Korean news sites. I do not create or own any of the pictures.


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