Learn about this talented soloist in this post! Below are a BUNCH of videos that showcase IU’s beautiful voice. She deserves to be known more! She’s around 16 or 17 and debuted when she was 14 or 15. She’s also one of the few females that I have a girl crush on. Keke. Watch some videos of IU below.

IU’s duet with 2AM’s Seulong – first is the MV and then later the live performance.

IU covering SNSD’s ‘Gee,’ Big Bang’s ‘Lies,’ and Super Junior’s ‘Sorry Sorry’ while playing the guitar.

IU’s DEBUT song, ‘Mia’. This song was not popular but I really liked it because you could really see how talented IU is..but now IU sings “cute” songs like ‘Marshmellow’ or ‘Boo’. Eh. Can you believe that she’s only 14 as she sings this song?

IU’s spin on Taeyang’s ‘I Need a Girl’.

IU singing Brian Joo’s ‘My Girl’

IU & Key covering MC Mong’s ‘Love Letter For You’

Leona Lewis’ ‘Better in Time’! IU’s english is actually better than I thought although it’s still a pretty fobby… x]

I ❤ IU! (:


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